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Company successfully held the second half of 2019 structured syndication loan promotion meeting

Company successfully held the second half of 2019 structured syndication loan promotion meeting

Song Xuebing
2019/10/18 17:25
Company successfully held the second half of 2019 structured syndication loan promotion meeting
On September 25, the company organized a seminar on the promotion of structured syndication loans in the second half of 2019, led by Deutsche Bank and ING Bank, and other seven well-known foreign banks and enterprises, such as Korea Industrial Bank, German Commercial Bank, CITIC Bank (International), Citibank and off-taker Trafigura.
  At the meeting, Liu Xiaohui, group general manager, Momchillvanov, head of commodity structure financing of ING Bank in Asia, Yvon Lim, vice president of structured commodity trade financing of Deutsche Bank, and Pan Guxiang, senior manager of Trafigura group, delivered speeches respectively.
  Liu Xiaohui expressed his gratitude to Deutsche Bank and ING bank for organizing structural syndicated loans for the company as the leading bank again. He pointed out that every syndicated loan in the past had innovation, and this time was no exception. On the basis of the company's award of the national green factory, the two leading banks innovatively added the concept of green sustainable development to the loan, closely following the main theme of current development.
Representatives of Deutsche Bank and ING bank said that the two banks have successfully issued syndicated loans for the company many times. Every year, new changes and innovations have been made in the company's development, which has attracted more banks to participate in syndicated loans. We hope that the syndicated loans can be successfully organized and completed as soon as possible.
  Pan Guxiang, the representative of Trafigura Group, pointed out that Trafigura Group is the second largest nonferrous metal concentrate trader in the world. It has been a stable raw material supplier for many years. It has participated in many times in the market of structured syndication loans and has rich experience. As an off-taker, Trafigura Group has the ability to assist the syndication in its successful issuance.
  At the presentation meeting, the company's financial representatives also introduced the company's operation. The Deutsche Bank and ING bank representatives introduced the transaction structure and time of the syndicated loan. The participating banks also exchanged and interacted with the company, and discussed the concerned issues in depth.
  After the promotion and exchange meeting, representatives of banks and off-takers visited the company's innovation achievement exhibition center, and visited the "two-step copper smelting process" demonstration production site, Fangyuan International Logistics Center and Dongying Guangli Port Area.
  Group deputy general manager Li Yujun, Guo Xuemin and Cui Feng participated in the exchange activities.