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Group chairman Cui Zhixiang pays a visit to Carlos.Larrea the Ecuador ambassador to China

Group chairman Cui Zhixiang pays a visit to Carlos.Larrea the Ecuador ambassador to China

Nie Ganggang
2018/03/31 16:17
Group chairman Cui Zhixiang pays a visit to Carlos.Larrea the Ecuador ambassador to China
On 27th March, Group chairman Cui Zhixiang in Beijing visited Carlos·Larrea who is the new Ecuador ambassador to China. Cui Zhixiang was invited by the ambassador Larrea to further discuss cooperation about several development projects between Fangyuan company and Ecuador.
  Cui Zhixiang introduced the progress of several projects between Fangyuan company and Ecuador and expressed sincere will on further participation of Ecuador projects. He pointed out that Fangyuan company had been equipped with advanced and environmental technological equipment in the utilization of nonferrous metals like gold, silver and copper to well deal with resources in Ecuador; Fangyuan had talents resources based on production practice and industry- university-research cooperation; Fangyuan had long-term strategic cooperation with University of Concepcion in Chile, and could provide systemic solutions for the cultivation of talents with professional nonferrous industrial theories and operating skills. Meanwhile, Fangyuan company would widely and deeply take an active part in development and construction of Ecuador projects by combing foreign and domestic advanced technology, equipment, capitals and talents and other resources. He expressed sincere wishes for the development prospect of Ecuador.
  The ambassador Larrea said that minister of Ecuador Foreign Trade Ministry Pablo·Capanna made a friendly talk with Fangyuan team and Fangyuan showed its intention to participate in China-Ecuador cooperation during the period of promotion meeting of “Investing in Ecuador” project held in September last year. This invitation was to maintain this good relationship and further promote the implementation of these cooperation.
  The ambassador Larrea officially took office on March 1st to replace the former ambassador Jose·Borja. Last week Larrea presented his credentials to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was received by President Xi Jinping. During the same period, Ecuador President Moreno met China’s ambassador to Ecuador. Both presidents said that there was much space for cooperation and expressed strong intention of cooperation. This gave confidence to ambassador Larrea to carry out work. Next, Larrea would focus on attracting Chinese investment for Ecuador projects, promoting export to China and attracting Chinese tourists to travel in Ecuador, and strengthen business cooperation and cultural exchange between two countries.
  When Larrea learned that Fangyuan company had arranged technical team to participate in the meeting which was co-hosted by Ecuador Foreign Trade Ministry and Mining Ministry in March 28th-29th in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, he said with appreciation, “I’m grateful for the active and pragmatic work style, and I hope the future cooperation will remain this style.”
  Ecuador's minister counselor to China Gustavo·Endara, group vice general manager and chief engineer Wang Zhi, director of general managers’ office Wei Chuanbing, technical business manager Nie Ganggang and manager of mineral resources purchasing department Ren Shibing attended the meeting.