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New era, new journey, new dream and new deeds——Fangyuan's 2017 summary meeting & 2018 Spring Festival party is grandly held

New era, new journey, new dream and new deeds——Fangyuan's 2017 summary meeting & 2018 Spring Festival party is grandly held

2018/03/09 02:05
Fangyuan's 2017 summary meeting & 2018 Spring Festival party is grandly held
Winter is ending and spring is coming. 2018 begins and the lunar New Year is around the corner. On the evening of Feb. 4th, Fangyuan’s 2017 summary meeting & 2018 Spring Festival party, hosted by group party committee and labor union and undertaken by group office, was grandly held in staff activity center. Director of Mass Work Department in Dongying Economic Development Zone Zhao Guoqing, and headmaster of Dongying Yinghuayuan School Wang Baoli came to the evening party and watched the programms with the theme of “new era, new journey, new dream and new deeds” together with our leaders Cui Zhixiang, Liu Xiaohui, Wang Yanxue, Wang Zhi, Meng Xiangui, Fan Aimin, Tan Keqin, and Li Mingqiang and almost 1000 workers of our company.
  The party began with the new year’s greeting video of each department. We saw company’s 2018 corporate video for the first time on the screen and spoke highly of it. At the beginning of the party, group general manager Liu Xiaohui expressed New Year greetings, summed up achievements in the past year and set forth the development goal of the coming new year. Firstly, on behalf of leading body of our company, he sincerely thanked the leaders, friends of all circles, and the customers for their long-term care and support, thanked the cadres and staff and their families for their hard work, thanked the workers who were still fighting in production front line at that very moment, and sent them New Year wishes.
  He point out that in the year 2017, our company gathered strength with one mind to make production stable, overcame and tackled difficulties to guarantee running, adopted many kinds of measures to improve weak links, and united as one to pursue development. With all work progressing steadily, we successfully completed annual development goal.
  He pointed out that in the past year, the working mode of integrating production system, financial department and business department was constantly optimized, international logistics center’s function of financing funds and goods was fully played; along with the opening of Guangli port, copper concentrate’s logistic mode of “highway+railway+waterway” combined transportation was realized, which greatly reduced logistics cost and guaranteed supply of raw materials; Air Liquide oxygen production project was formally put into production in September, providing considerable power for our development. In the past year, our company was highly admitted by international famous banks, such as Deutsche Bank, Natixis Bank, and ING Bank, completed three phrases of structured financing of 625 million US dollars in total, creating a new high record in the history of China copper industry. In the past year, scientific and technological result evaluation of “Fangyuan Two Step Copper Smelting Process Industrialized Development and Application Project” and “Slag Copper Content Reduction Technology and Device Industrialized Development Project” was successfully completed and our whole technology reached the international advanced level. In the past year, Dongying municipal government signed a 10-year strategic cooperation agreement with China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association; National Nonferrous Metals Industry Exhibition, Scientific and Technological Award Evaluation Meeting and Global Copper Technology Summit were successfully held in Dongying. The pivotal position of nonferrous metals industry in our city was further enhanced with good developing status. In the past year, industry giants such as Freeport-McMoRan?Copper?&?Gold?Inc. and Trafigura Group, domestic famous enterprises such as Shandong Energy Zaozhuang Mining Group Co., Ltd and Tibet Julong Copper Industry came to talk about cooperation; our company won “National May Day Labor Medal” and was listed as the only national circular economy standardization demonstration unit; our company was selected as Shandong Century-old Brand Enterprise Cultivation Project and its brand value reached 7.869 billion Yuan. Our comprehensive power was further enhanced, the leading position in the indusry was constantly consolidated and brand reputation was continuously increasing.
  He stressed that in 2018 we should work harder, cherish long-term accumulated brand value and development foundation, follow the main line of improving quality and efficiency and increasing incomes while cutting down expenses, grasp well production and operation and other work, boost scientific and technological innovation and project construction led by optimization and improvement of the industry, improve management level via refined management and performance assessment, firmly keep the “four bottom lines” of making production stable, guaranteeing safety and environmental protection, preventing risks and ensuring operation. We should continuously consolidate foundation, improve efficiency, promote implementation and continuously increase benefit, improve weak links, and move faster to replace old driving forces with new ones, and strive to create a new situation of high quality development.
  Group vice general manager & director of general production factory Wang Yanxue read out “Commendation Decision” and further encouraged all cadres and staff to forge ahead, work hard and make more outstanding achievements in the coming new year. Desulphurization Plant 2# Desulphurization Workshop and Purchasing Department were chosen as “Advanced Collective”, and 39 employees in total including Chen Ping and Cui Chaochao were selected as “Advanced Individual”.
  Wang Yanxue hoped advanced collectives and individuals cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, and make more achievements and contributions in the future work. He hoped all cadres and staff take the advanced as example, seriously perform their responsibility, strive to promote all work onto a new stage and make greater contributions for the leap development of our company!
  At the end of commendation link, group leaders gave prizes to the advanced and took photos together. The party was opened in the joyful atmosphere of the program named “Fangyuan Friendlies Celebrating New Year”.  
  The equipment management department sang a chorous song called “Descendant of the Chinese Nation”, of which the words that “we can make society stable by our civil ability and devote our life in the battlefield”, “we are self-strengthening without arrogancy and have lofty ambition” showed us the heroic spirit of Chinese people; Dongying Experimental Kindergarten showed the program “Cool Basketball”, from which we felt the liveliness and innocence of children; purchasing department specially recommended the comedy named “If Copper Or Not”, which was put on a show out of friendship by Dongying Tongtai Dental Hospital, presented a humorous and funny dating show of young people; HR department brought the program “Fangyuan Dream, My Dream”, which showed us Fangyuan 20 years’ history and brilliant achievements in the form of shot video; group vice general manager Guo Xuemin told his 20-year story along with Fangyuan’s development from the first-person perspective, which put the video to the climax and touched the heart of all people present; warehouse center, catering section, rare and precious metals plant, and quality control center of #3 plant together sang a medley of songs, which were sometimes soulful with deep feelings, sometimes naughty, and sometimes cheerful, and these beautiful songs were pleasant to ears and won warm applause from time to time; Li Xingye from rare and precious metals branch factory vividly imitated almost 10 voices of Zhou Yunpeng, Bear Two, cross-talk master Ma Lisan, storytelling master Shan Tianfang, Buddha and Sun Wukong in his imitation show called “Fangyuan Comedian”, which was true to life and fantastic; the dance called “Youth at the Age of 20”, organized by labor union and participated by many departments of back office, was the last but best program, with elegant music pervading in the party, all people were enchanted in pleasure and happiness. The elegant temperament, graceful and beautiful dance, poetic and fantastic lighting successfully ended the party.
  During the process, our company also received New Year greetings from business partners around the world, such as TRAFIGURA, BHP Billiton Ltd., GLENCORE, LOUIS DREYFUS, CODELCO, MRI Trading AG, TRANSAMINE; from technological partners, such as Purdue University, USA, the University of Queensland, Rio Tinto Group, University of Concepcion, UGMK, and Academician of China Engineering Academy?Huang Chongqi; and from the banks, such as ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Deutsche Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and DBS bank.