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The overall technology reaches the international advanced level, and it is suggested to accelerate application

The overall technology reaches the international advanced level, and it is suggested to accelerate application

By Zhuang Guofeng
2018/01/26 15:59
The overall technology reaches the international advanced level, and it is suggested to accelerate application

On December 29, 2017, the evaluation meeting of “waste slags copper-extracting technology and equipment industrial development project” was held in Dongying. This project was co-organized by our company and University of Queensland. Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Guocheng held the post of director, Hu Changping who is deputy secretary general of China Nonferrous Metals Industry   Association&director of heavy metals department&professor senior engineer, and Yan Hongjie who is the professor of energy science and engineering school of Central South University, held the post of vice director of the evaluation committee. They listened carefully to the reports made by group chairman Cui Zhixiang, chief engineer Wang Zhi and deputy chief engineer Bian Ruimin about the operation situation of project, reviewed the relevant files, fully inspected the project site, exchanged ideas on its technical features and advantages.
  The technology has been applied to the 100 thousand tons annual output of copper blister smelting project. And the industrialization demonstration project of 250 thousand tons of copper smelting slag has been built to achieve the industrialization of technology. One-year production practice has proved that the technology not only can realize Cu content of waste slags to be less than 0.3%, but also can be applied to the slag-dilution process of other copper smelting technique and other nonferrous metal production fields.
  Zhang Guocheng pointed out that the industrialization of the technology played an exemplary role in promoting the potentials of the nonferrous industry and laid Fangyuan’s position in this technology. As a new slag-dilution technology with China independent intellectual property rights, it had good market value both at home and abroad, had great significance to enhance our position and competitiveness in the world’s metallurgical industry.
  Hu Changping pointed out that this technology has broke the bottleneck of the average Cu content of slags being 0.6%, and made Cu content of slags being less than 0.3%. This technology effectively improved the comprehensive utilization rate of smelting slags, promoted technological progress of China’s nonferrous metal metallurgical industry, which was very important for the sustainable development of China nonferrous metals industry and for the national economic development.
  Yan Hongjie pointed out that in the environment that copper resources in China was scarce, this project was of great significance. It played a good role of demonstration and promotion for the nonferrous metals industry upgrading projects. The popularization and application prospect would be very broad.
  Professor senior engineer of China Nerin Engineering Company Wang Wei pointed out that the project had a great technological breakthrough. For the first time it applied submerged combustion technology of diluting bottom side and horizontal sprayer to the slag treatment process, which improved the utilization rate of the heat and realized the dilution of smelting slags with low energy consumption.
  Ken Chan, professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, pointed out that this project was not only the innovation of technology, but also the research of new dilution equipment and supporting facilities. It played a leading role for the development of major equipment in the nonferrous smelting industry field, and the application of this technology would provide new ideas, new technology and new equipment for China’s non-ferrous metal smelting industry.
  After full discussion, the expert evaluation committee unanimously agreed as follows:
  From theory to practice, and from practice to theory, Fangyuan company has been continuously exploring to achieve project industrialization, and all technical indicators have reached or surpassed the design value. Finally, the expert group agreed that the overall technology of the project reached the international leading level. It is suggested that the promotion and application should be accelerated.
  Yue Jixiang, a researcher of China University of Petroleum’s Shengli College, hosted the meeting. Tan Keqin, chief engineer of our company, deputy chief engineer and deputy director of general production plant Wang Haibin, Wei Chuanbing, Hou Peng and other engineering and technical staff participated in the meeting.