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Enterprises play a leading role in the technical innovation

Enterprises play a leading role in the technical innovation

2017/08/18 14:54
The new generation copper smelting technique invented by Fangyuan Group becomes the first series of exporting complete equipment with world standard.

  The new generation copper smelting technique invented by Fangyuan Group becomes the first series of exporting complete equipment with world standard. Kerui Group deepens the combination involving production, teaching and research and improves the innovation capacity. Lihuayi Group elongates the industry chain and Haike Group develops high end product. All of these mark that the enterprises in our city take firm steps on the road of innovation and transformation.

  The most primary method of grasping innovation and technology is to make the enterprises become the main part of technical innovation and let them play the leading role. In recent years, regarding transition from the old kinetic energy to the new as power, our city actively motivated the technology and talents to assemble in the enterprises, made the enterprises play leading role in the technology talents and made them become the major power of economic transformation.

Win initiative of competition relying on technology

  The barium titanate technique invented by Sinocera Company breaks the technical monopoly of America and Japan. The new technique wins the fifteenth Chinese patent gold award and this is the first national level patent gold award since Dongying’s setting up. ‘The accomplishment of this scientific and technological achievement attributes to our pursuit for technical innovation and the effort of many technology talents’, the manager of Sinocera Company introduces.

  Currently, the enterprises still walk on the old road have no market competitiveness and they will be eliminated one day. Our city has a new idea to motivate the innovation and development of petrochemical industry, nonferrous metals, rubber tire and oil equipment. The new idea is to build an AITRI, a national level innovative platform, make an industrial technology road mapping and carry out a series of key generic technology. Now there are twelve AITRIs in our city and we also make the technology road mapping of petrochemical industry, build five special industrial bases and one high-tech industry base.

  Transferring mode and adjusting structure need to transform the traditional industry to optimize the current quantity and seize the first chance of emerging industry to activate qualified increment. In recent years, our city made strategic development plan of emerging industry and major special projects, cultivated the new growth points. In the field of new material, Shida Shenghua Company becomes the leader in the aspect of the solvent of lithium battery electrolyte; in the field of new medicine, the occupancy of Heparinum Natricum Minor Molecularis in domestic market exceeded seventy percent; in the field of new information, we had great advantages in the aspects of petroleum and petrochemical information technology, system integration and the geographic information of oil area.

  Our city regards the implementation of scientific demonstration project as an opportunity and actively cultivates the new kinetic energy. We carry out the project of ‘Bohai Sea granary’, makes the construction plan of 2017 and the demonstration area reaches four hundred and seventy two thousand mu, which creating the highest wheat yield record in middle alkaline land for three consecutive years in Shandong province. The effect of higher value application of crop straw, alkaline land improvement and other people-benefit project are highly appreciated by the masses. Now Bohai Sea granary has become a name card of the scientific work for our city and a well-known brand in Shandong province.

  The development model of many enterprises in our city is ‘Buy technology- buy equipment- start project’. We can only follow others if we only buy the technology. In the past few years, we gradually started to rely on the core technology to get the initiative rather than the old model, and also we benefited a lot from this. From January to March, the total production value of high and new technology industry reached one hundred and nineteen billion five hundred and thirty four million yuan, which occupies thirty five point thirty two percent of the total industrial output value. It promotes the economic restructuring effectively.

Seize the first resource, high level talents 

  Currently, Jinguan Chemical Engineering Company faces the urgent needs of transformation and upgrading, but has no much talents and good technology. Last year at the discussing meeting of national technological leading talent of the petrochemical industry in Dongying, the manager of Jinguan Company meets Doctor Lv Xingmei working at CPERI of Chinese Academy of Sciences. They chime in easily in the aspects of straw biomass converting to biomass naphtha and diesel oil. They cooperate and the estimated annual profit can reach forty eight million yuan after the building of the project.

  Excellent talents are the foundation of enterprise development. Recently, our city focused on the needs of economic and social development and concentrated on the activities about keeping talented people. Last year, our city implemented four high-end talents matching activities around the four biggest industrial clusters. Our city invites 5 famous academicians, nine national experts in ‘Thousand Talents Program’, seven national excellent young, ten national leading talents, sixteen ‘Mount Tai scholar’ and eighty returnees with totally about two hundred well-known experts and scholars from China and other countries to attend the activities. One hundred and forty six cooperation intentions were reached and forty five proceed into propulsion phase.

  Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region is the compact district of science and technology education resource. Our city actively provides firm support for the innovation-driven development. In January this year, Dongying city government and geographical resource institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build Yellow River Delta scientific research base, which is the second one in China. In March this year, Dongying city government and talent center of Ministry of Science and Technology to build the first technological leading talent innovation-driven center in Shandong province. Dongying city government and China Productivity Promoting Center Institute reach an agreement to jointly hold the activity of ‘Chinese good technology-Dongying Tour’ in order to attract the good scientific resource in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in favor of the economic transition of our city.

  Technology research and development platform is an important foundation for regional scientific and technological innovation system and an important carrier to promote the innovation of an enterprise. In recent years, our city continuously strengthens the construction of enterprise technology center and promotes the conversion of innovation result. Regarding the twenty thousand square meters idle assets of University of Petroleum Dongying region as the carrier, our city builds Dongying innovation plaza and serves it as the carrier of regional collaborative innovation. And now thousands of people innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base is being built. Up to the end of last year, our city has built five national incubators, nine provincial incubators. The facility is seven hundred and sixty one thousand square meters and there are eight hundred and seventy nine incubated enterprises.

‘Mass entrepreneurship and innovation’ is prosperous

  Enterprises always face the problems of capital, technology and work place during the innovation. There are many enterprises which failed during the innovation. Regarding these problems, our city continuously optimizes the scientific and technological innovation environment. ‘Mass entrepreneurship and innovation’ is prosperous and many enterprises start to join in this boom.

  In recent years, the central government, provincial Party committee and municipal Party committee introduced a series of policy in favor of scientific and technological innovation, and provided broad stage for the technical entrepreneur. In the first half of this year, our city started the assessment reform of scientific and technological achievements firstly in Shandong province, makes Dongying small scientific and technological enterprise credit risk compensation fund temporary management methods and Dongying Enterprises’ R&D financial aid fund temporary management methods to promote the development of scientific and technological enterprise. Our city and China Construction Bank Dongying Branch sign cooperation agreement. The initial credit risk compensation fund five million yuan of small scientific and technological enterprise is formally put into service. The information base of scientific and technological enterprise finishes construction. Municipal Finance Bureau sets up a science and technology achievement transformation fund about twenty million yuan to help one hundred and eleven enterprises confirm the R&D expenses and deducting costs about seven hundred million yuan, and reduces the tax of transaction in technology about one million and fifty thousand yuan.

  Technical innovation needs to pass through phases, which are research, entrepreneurship and industrialization. Each phase needs the support of capital. In recent years, our city sought to build a scientific and technological finance service system, which is to build small and medium enterprise risk capital pool, scientific and technological finance enterprise library and scientific and technological finance service center in favor of technology bank and other financial institutions to support soft loan. Last year, city level science and technology fund about one point five million yuan was put into the enterprises, which leading the financial institutions to loan more than three hundred million yuan for more than twenty scientific and technological enterprises.

  We are pleased to see that the government at all levels regard science and technology as the power in order to adapt the new economic mode; enterprises regard core technology as the foundation of success; the whole society regards ‘Mass entrepreneurship and innovation’ as the opportunity of building dream. Technical innovation really becomes a consensus from top to the bottom and leads the development of economy. Technical innovation is now on the way. Industry upgrading and city transition are not far away.