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Social responsibility

Safe Production

  Companies in-depth and solid production safety activities to protect the occupational health of workers. In recent years, the company did not have personal health, safety incidents, no equipment, facilities accidents and major losses. The company has won the "Shandong Province, the basic production of grass-roots safety advanced enterprises", "Shandong Province safety culture construction demonstration enterprises", "national 'Ankang Cup' winning team" honor.

  The company to "safety is the day, environmental protection is to, respect for heaven and earth, heaven and earth life can not be violated," the concept of security, the implementation of security and environmental protection one vote veto system, the safety of work, environmental protection work as a basis for assessing the performance of various departments; The implementation of the main work of the security responsibility system, the security incidents within the jurisdiction of the department heads, held accountable.

  First, according to the company's annual production safety objectives, the company signed a letter of responsibility, do the monthly, quarterly, annual inspection and assessment;

  Second, according to the law to grasp the safety, security and occupational health management to achieve normalization. The safety of laws, systems, standards; all the activities within the scope of the company into the safety training object, timely revision and improvement of safety management system, held a safety conference, three safety education and training, construction team safety conference, security staff work conference, Safety lecture hall, safety knowledge training, special operations personnel full coverage training;

  Third, is firmly establish the "hidden danger is the accident," the concept of prevention, launched the "hidden responsibility" of the regulatory measures, strict investigation and management of hidden trouble.

  Fourth, is to strengthen emergency management, improve the ability to deal with emergency rescue. Each year, ten kinds of emergency drills such as liquid oxygen leakage, copper pack dumping leakage, sulfuric acid tank leakage and natural gas leakage have been carried out to improve the comprehensive command capability, rapid response capability, emergency response capability, coordination capability and Emergency management level.

  Five, is to do eight job ticket supervision and management work, on the climb, fire, limited space, temporary electricity, hoisting operations and other work, in strict accordance with the operation ticket management process management;

  Sixth, is to do a good job of security risks investigation, increase the intensity of self-examination and self-examination on-site, fully cooperate with the higher safety supervision departments to take the initiative to require security experts to check the implementation of the production plant comprehensive inspection, special equipment electrical equipment special inspection, Wear inspection, "three violations" security surprise inspection, holding three cards on the spot inspection and other supervision and inspection work; the inspection results require measures, there are rectification, supervision and implementation, tracking governance;

  Seven, is to carry out a variety of cultural activities, such as the fire operation will, the history of today, before the oath, learn a case of safe square, to find unsafe people around the insecurity, security ideas and other activities, and actively promote The development of corporate safety culture.

  In addition, the company's implementation of the management procedures are "safe and unqualified control procedures" and so on, through the compilation and implementation of safety occupational health management system compilation, safety facilities, labor protection supplies, safety training, safety inspection, safety oath, safety knowledge contest, Team security activities, emergency rescue exercises, accident case compilation study, strengthen the red line consciousness, the formation of "I want to be safe, I will be safe, I understand the security" security atmosphere.