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Human Resources

Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Talent concept: the production of "four nine" products, shaping the "four nine" character.


Talent development:

  In accordance with the requirements of human resources planning, according to the development needs of production and operation, the company has gradually established and improved the company training processes and training system. Company training by the overall management of human resources, to develop the overall training objectives. Company training program is divided into the company, branch, office annual training program, respectively, by the human resources department, the branch, the room responsible for the development and implementation.

  Companies to carry out the training methods are mainly commissioned training, short-term training, distance education, attaches great importance to the training system. Strengthen the school and the enterprise close contact and effective communication, the annual selection of funding not less than 30 key employees to participate in the joint training of MBA projects. Prepare the internal management school, train 50 internal lecturers, the average annual per capita training time to 24 hours, and participate in the training process and the results into the assessment system.

  Companies based on strategic needs, combined with staff development needs, to build multi-channel, hierarchical talent development system to achieve the company and the common development of employees. The establishment of a clear staff growth channel, to ensure the continuous improvement of organizational competitiveness and promote the sustainable development of the organization. In order to achieve the staff's career planning and organization of sustainable development, the company improved a variety of personnel 

Training system:

  - Focus on the implementation of "252 Talent Project", that is, the introduction and training of 20 senior management personnel, 50 mid-level management personnel, 200 business backbone talent.

  - Senior management, open competition system.

  - Technical personnel: to encourage participation in the technical titles, external experts and professors to teach the company, and Central South University jointly organized a master's degree courses and so on.

Employee benefits:

  1、The company set up a party committee, trade unions and other organizations to protect the right to know the staff, the right to choose, right to participate and the right to appeal to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all employees.

  2、The company strictly enforce the "Labor Law", "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" and other laws and regulations, according to the law, to create a comfortable working environment, and constantly improve the work environment, occupational health and safety conditions to protect the occupational health and safety of employees.

  3、The company through the staff proposal, performance interviews, rationalization recommendations and other channels, through the analysis, assessment, identification to determine the impact of employee rights, satisfaction and enthusiasm of the key factors, and constantly improve employee satisfaction.

  4、The company always adhere to the people-oriented, according to different needs to develop various measures, care for employees, different levels of demand to be targeted, personalized support.