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Value concept

Value concept

Enterprise mission: based on the Yellow River Delta, vigorously develop the circular economy, benefit the country and benefit the community.

Enterprise Mission: the production of quality copper products, services to our customers; create a harmonious copper enterprises, the achievements of all staff.

Entrepreneurship: unity and loyalty, standard and enterprising, one heart and one mind, Tongchuang "copper" industry.

Corporate philosophy: the use of institutional norms, with cultural consent to ideas, with action to create harmony.

Enterprise values: advocating science, seeking truth from facts, people - oriented, harmonious development.

Enterprise employment standards: a virtuous, exceptional reuse; Germany without talent, training use; talented no virtue, limited use; no virtue without talent, determined not to.

Enterprise talent concept: the production of "four nine" products to shape the "four nine" character.

Enterprise quality policy: based on the global casting boutique a well-known brands.

Corporate Code of Conduct: Honesty Practicing Officer.

Business philosophy: honest and trustworthy interests to share.

Enterprise management policy: high standards, strict requirements, iron discipline, fine management, repeated grasp, repeated

Business management thinking: everything has a goal, everything measures, everything is responsible, everything supervision.

Enterprise security concept: security is the day, environmental protection is the land, respect Heaven, heaven and earth life can not be violated

Corporate culture concept: read saints book, legislature son child, listen to the party, do a German person