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About us


Founded in 1998, Shandong Fangyuan Nonferrous Metals Group (hereinafter “Fangyuan”) is a group enterprise integrating comprehensive extraction of rare precious metals and scattered metals, recycling and utilization of renewable resources, scientific and technological research and development and publicity. Fangyuan mainly focuses on production of copper, gold and silver while also working for comprehensive extraction of precious and scarce metals including platinum, palladium, selenium, tellurium, bismuth, etc. With total assets of 31.4 billion yuan, the company has more than 2500 employees. As the fourth largest cathode copper producer and one of the top ten gold and silver producers in China, the annual production of cathode copper, gold and silver account for 3.5%, 0.8% and 1.2% of the total production of the world, respectively. The company has also ranked among the top fifty enterprises of China nonferrous metal industry, the top one hundred enterprises in Shandong Province and top five hundred all over the nation for many years continuously. In 2018, the copper cathode production volume amounted to 748 thousand tons, the gold 23.2 tons and the silver 504tons, with the sales income reaching 62.5 billion yuan, 3.02 billion yuan of profit and tax. 
■ Devoted to high quality product and trying for the best
Fangyuan mainly produces "Lufang" brand high-purity cathode copper, smooth and fine from surface with uniform and compact texture. The impurity in the product is only one third of the standard stipulated by the State. It is a famous brand product in Shandong Province, a national inspection-free product, a registered brand in LME and SHFE , and continues to be awarded with the Nonferrous Metals Product Quality "Gold Cup". Both gold and silver products with "Lufang" mark are "National Class A" products. 
■ Science and technology innovation creates future 
Fangyuan owns the advanced metallurgical technology with proprietary intellectual property right, which is called "Two-step Copper Smelting Process". The first demonstration production line of processing 1.5 Mt/a poly-metallic ores using Two-step Copper Smelting Process in the world was put into operation successfully at Fangyuan. The new technology shortens the procedures of anode copper production from three steps to two steps and solves the technical problems such as long flow, discontinuity, transportation of intermediate materials, high heat loss and unordered fugitive emission of harmful offgas like SO2, etc. It has completely changed the history of the non-ferrous metallurgy and established the advanced and efficient example for the comprehensive recovery and extraction of nonferrous metals such as copper, gold, silver and precious and rare metals, which has opened a new page for the global non-ferrous metallurgy equipments. In addition, the technology has won the first prize of science and technology of China Association of Circular Economy, has been listed into the industrial key technology development guidance of "China Manufacture 2025", been honored as “China good technology”, the "Fourth generation metallurgy technology" and the "Preferred technology for the green development of copper industry".
In order to push the scientific research, Fangyuan constructs global development and research platform by cooperating with famous universities, institutes and companies at home and abroad, allocating intelligence and research resources worldwide. So far, the company has got 4 national research platforms such as national recognized technology center, national recognized lab, etc, undertaken more than 10 national major projects including national sci-tech support plan, “863” program, national torch project, national& international cooperation major project, etc, introduced 5 foreign senior sci-tech innovative talents, obtained more than 300 patents and proprietary technologies, led the draft of 22 national standards, and won five ministerial and provincial-level sci-tech awards. Fangyuan has developed “Fangyuan technology” system made up of treatment of complicated minerals as the “main body” while comprehensive extraction and hazardous wastes treatment as the two wings.
Relying on the technology strength, Fangyuan positively promotes its technologies and equipment to “go global” by taking the opportunity of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. Through technology investment, exportation of technology and equipment and cooperation mode like exchanging technology for resources, the company will further enhance the technical cooperation with companies from Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Russia, etc, and provide them with the comprehensive solutions including comprehensive recovery of multi-metals, resource utilization of slag, treatment of hazardous wastes, energy conservation and environment protection, etc. 
■Deploying resources within the global range and cooperating with world-top partners with abundant experiences and outstanding reputation
Fangyuan has been adhering to the strategy of "going global" and the overall principle of "utilizing two resources and developing two markets" all the way to expand raw materials supply channels. On one hand, profound cooperative relationship has been established with world famous mining enterprises and trade businesses and initiative has been taken predicated on technical advantage of the capability of self-developed metallurgical technology handling complex poly-metallic mineral materials, thus a strong mineral powder supply network has come into shape in over ten nations and regions in the world to provide sound guarantee for mineral supply; on the other hand, steady copper scrap supply network and bases have been found in America, Europe and Africa by coordination with large copper scrap suppliers in the world, so as domestic bases on the basis of preferential policy of the state in spheres of recycling economy and "urban mine" development ; besides, cooperative relationship has been built up with a great number of large-scale smelting plants domestic and overseas, with supply channels of blister copper and anode plate expanded. Therefore, Fangyuan has forged a raw material structure pattern like a "three-leg stool" consisting of "concentrate, copper scrap and blister (anode) copper" which can safeguard the raw material supply of the company.
■Social responsibility performance and integrity management are affirmed by the society
Since the establishment, Fangyuan has integrated social responsibilities into its development paying attention to humanistic care. It provides platforms for over 2,000 employees to grow and reach their prime here, and strives to community service and public benefit to share the benefit of the company development with the society.As the practitioner of the concept that “green mountains and clear waters equals to gold mountains”, Fangyuan always sticks to the development of cyclic economy and finds a cyclic and ecological development road with low energy consumption, low emission and low carbon. Fangyuan has become a typical model with cleaning production and green development recommended by the United Nations. 
Fangyuan is the first national circular economy standardized pilot unit and a senior certification enterprise of the Customs. The company has won many honorary titles such as “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, National Contract Keeping and Credit First Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise of Nonferrous Metals Industry, National Advanced Enterprise with Excellent Performance Mode, Governor Quality Award of Shandong Province, Recycling Economy Demonstration Enterprise of Shandong Province, Resource recycling Demonstration Enterprise, Safety Production Advanced Enterprise, etc. 
■Forging new brilliance in nonferrous industry based upon the Yellow River Delta
In future, Fangyuan will devote to producing the best copper product, delivering the best technology and equipment and creating a best copper company. Also Fangyuan will continue improving the production and processing chains of nonferrous metal industry, accelerate the driving force conversion and improve all aspects of management level of the enterprise. And Fangyuan will stride forward to the highest stage of the world metallurgy industry and strive to create a new situation of high quality development of enterprises.
●Take advantage of self-developed advanced metallurgical technologies and center on the advanced treatment of complex copper minerals for establishment, supplement and strengthening of production chains, increase the ability to recover valuable elements and the ability to process hazardous wastes and improve level of resources utilization in order to develop the cyclic economy and realize green development. 
●Build Dongying Foreshore International Logistic Center, rely on Guangli Port, Port Centered Industrial Area and Fangyuan International Logistic Center to form the development pattern of integration of port, district and industry and create a foreign trade zone with integrated logistics.
●Extend the industrial chain towards copper-based materials and high performance metal-based materials and move faster to build the new project with annual production of 5000 tons of superfine copper wires according to market demand.
●Make use of the driving force of “the Belt and Road Initiative", we will adhere to the strategic opportunity of “SINO-Latin economic cooperation” to accelerate steps of "going global", popularize the "Fangyuan Technology" to create a new era that Chinese copper smelting technologies are shared by the world and promote technical upgrading and industrial advancement of the world’s nonferrous metals industry.